January 23, 2017

Oracle Apps DBA adutilities Interview Questions/FAQs Part1

Oracle Apps DBA EBS (E-Business Suite)
AD utilities Interview Questions/FAQs Part1

1. What is adctrl?
Ans: Adctrl is one of the adutilities, which is used to check the status of workers and to manage the workers.

2. What is adrelink?
Ans : adrelink will relink the executables with the libraries. Generally we will go for adrelink when some patch delivers some library files, or when executables were corrupted.

3. What is autoconfig?
Ans : Autoconfig is an adutility which is used to main application environment and configuration files.

4. What is adodfcmp utility?
Ans : This utility is used to recreate/repair corrupted database objects from odf (object definition files) files.

5. What is adsplicer?
Ans : Adsplicer is a uitility used to register off cycle products.

6. What is adjkey? What files it will create?
Ans : adjkey is an adutility which will create digital signature, which will be used to sign all t" admin? mailto:adsign.txt@APPL_TOP>adsign.txt@APPL_TOP/adminappltop.cer@APPL_TOP/adminidentitydb.obj@applmgr home

7. What are the important AD tables and define their importance?
• AD_APPL_TOPS: It contains information about all APPL_TOP’s using the instance.
• AD_BUGS: It stores information about all different bug fixes applied.
• AD_PATCH_DRIVER_MINIPACKS: Mini_packs information will be stored here.
• AD_PATCH_RUN_BUGS: It stores information about all applied and updated bug fixes.
• AD_FILES: It stores information about files.

8. Difference between ad_bugs table and ad_applied_patches?
• When you apply the patch from adpatch utility ad_applied_patches table will get updated.
• ad_applied_patch doesn’t store the information which was not applied using adpatch.
• Such type of information will be stored in ad_bugs table.
• Also, if all the patches are applied using the adpatch utility, that information is also stored in the ad_bugs_table.

9. What is context file?
Ans : Context file is a central repositary, which stores all application configuration information. The name is like _ .xml

10. What are the menu options in adctrl?
Ans: Check the status of workers, tell manager that worker has quitted, restart a failed worker etc….

11. How to skip a worker and why?
Ans: We can skip a worker using option 8 in adctrl which is hidden. We will go for skipping a worker when we have executed the job which the worker is supposed to do.

12. What are the worker log file names and its location?
Ans : adwork01,adwork02…… and location is $APPL_TOP/admin/SID/log

13. What is the configuration file for adutilities (like adadmin, adconfig etc)?
Ans: adconfig.txt @APPL_TOP/admin

14. How to find the version of a file?
Ans :   1. adident Header 
2. strings -a filename grep Header

15. What are the parameter autoconfig will ask for?
Ans : Context file name and apps password

16. How you will find autoconfig is enabled/not for u r applications?
Ans: 1. Open any env / configuration files, the first few lines will tell u that this files are maintained by autoconfig.2. If contextname.xml file is there in $APPL_TOP/admin

17. How autoconfig will create env and configuration files?
Ans: Autoconfig will go to each and every top template directory take the templates from there and fill the values from xml file and create the required files.

18. In how many phases autoconfig will run?
Ans : Autoconfig will run in 3 phases.
1.INIT – Instantiate the drivers and templates
2.SETUP – Fill the templated with values from xml and create files
3.PROFILE – Update the profile values in database.

19. What is the location of adconfig log file?
Ans : APPL_TOP/admin//log/

20. Is it possible to restore a autoconfig run?
Ans :
Partially. Adconfig will create a restore.sh script at $APPL_TOP/admin//out/. This restore.sh will copy the backed up files before autoconfig run to its original locations. But the profile values updated in the database can’t be restored back.

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